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Novotech is now Novorender!

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No cure no pay

If we cannot handle your 3D data

Any format and size

Biggest 3D model to date: 50 GB of CAD data with over 4 000 000 000 triangles

Any device

View in browser on devices such as phone, tablet and laptop


Share 3D models with anyone inside or outside your organization

Open API

If wanted, connect to APIs such as ERP, IoT sensors and others


Embed your 3D models in Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, web apps and more

Some Features

Upload your 3D data
Create filters and much more
Point Cloud / Laser Scans
Point Cloud / Laser scans combined with 3D Model(s)
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Limitless possibilites with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms. ERP, Work orders, IoT/scada ; all in one place. Use your 3D model as a Digital Twin.

A wide variety of industry use cases

3D visualisation tool to be used for collaboration internally and externally

A 3D visualization tool to enable 3D-models, engineering drawings, laser scans and all associated documents and data to be available to anyone on any device via a web browser, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes

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A dynamic 3D visualization tool for service, support and training

Merging all storage modules into a single 3D view, being able to scale as they add more modules and to be available via the web browser. In that way they would be able to create manuals and step-by-step guides for tasks such as installation, service, repair and much more, that could be shared with employees, partners, customers and more.

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A dynamic 3D visualization tool for design, planning and more

Use Novorender as a visualization tool that enables BIM models and related documents and data to be linked together while being accessible to anyone at any time on any device via a web browser, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes.

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Digital Twin connected to ERP and IoT

Integration with 3rd party systems such as ERP and IoT will create a Digital Twin, enabling your 3D model as a single source of truth

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3D visualisation tool to be used for collaboration internally and externally

Upload 3D models of any size as well as being able to view them via the browser on any device such as laptop, tablet and phone. When no special purpose software is needed, it will create much better possibilities for collaboration and seamless sharing of assets.

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A 3D visualization tool that can add and merge all of their 3D models and point clouds independent of file size and formats.

All 3D models available on mobile and tablet and be able to integrate with 3rd party sources such as operation and maintenance data and work orders.

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The Novorender Advantage


May require expensive special purpose software on the viewer side
May require powerful workstations in order to render 3D models
Often relies on local copies of 3D data on the viewer side - no guarantee of viewing the latest revision

Our solution

Share 3D models of any size
No local copies - streaming from the cloud ensures everybody gets the same content
No special purpose software needed on the viewer side
Keep existing workflow - Novorender integrates with all existing 3D tools and file formats
Gives remote workers and home workers full access to updated engineering models

Increasing the business value of engineering

This is how Novorender works

PTS - Point Cloud/ Laser Scan - Terrain
and many more...