Novorender has been chosen as supplier of the BIM Repository with viewer for Bane NOR

May 12, 2024

Novorender has officially been awarded the contract for the delivery of a BIM Repository and Viewer solution to Bane NOR. This is part of Bane NOR’s strategy to optimize project execution and reduce costs.

The development division in Bane NOR sees major savings in standardizing the flow of information from the construction phase to the operation phase using Building Information Modeling (BIM). With this solution, Bane NOR will be able to transfer “as-built” information from BIM models directly into management databases they are using in the daily operation of railway facilities.

The agreement with Novorender includes a repository for secure storage of BIM models and additional data, as well as a BIM viewer for effective visualization and interaction with the models. The system will also contain advanced integrations through APIs for the exchange of data and information with Bane NOR’s internal systems and external partners.

“We are proud to be part of the Bane NOR digital transformation,” says Tore Hovland, CEO & Founder of Novorender. “Our technology is designed to meet the strict requirements of the rail industry and will contribute to a more efficient everyday life for all parties involved.”

With this new solution, Bane NOR takes a big step forward in the use of BIM for daily operations, and strengthens its position as a leading player in the application of modern technology in the railway industry.

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Rafael Hegre Cabeza

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