Bane NOR is the Norwegian government agency responsible for owning, maintaining, operating and developing the Norwegian railway network, including the track, stations, etc. To ensure a robust way of sharing data between all parties in projects (owner, consulting engineers, project leaders and more) they are always looking at being at the forefront of the latest technology. Together with the consulting engineer COWI they have therefore decided to use Novorender for the modernization of Nygårdstangen freight terminal and the new double track for Bergen-Fløen (NBF). Novorender will be the central BIM viewer hub by gathering data, comments, issue and more from BIM Track, Autodesk BIM 360 and others.

COWI is one of Norway’s leading consulting engineering companies in consulting and design of complex functional buildings, efficient transport solutions, blue-green solutions and sustainable urban development. At any given time, they are involved in more than 10,000 projects globally and 5,000 projects in Norway.

The reason for COWI to suggest Novorender was to support their methodology of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and the meeting methodology ICE. These uses digital tools and visual meeting technique to improve dialogue and workflow, both internally and externally.

Common Data Environment (CDE) – BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is used as a CDE as a central repository where the construction project information is situated. It is the single source of information for the project, and is used to collect, manage, collaborate, and share project information with the project team. By integrating this with the Novorender open APIs, all this information will be automatically synced daily. The relevant files from BIM360 (left hand side of the image below) can easily be selected into Novorender (Right hand side of the image below). This streamlines systems and processes used within and between the Bane NOR and all sub-contractors.

When the CDE is updated throughout the project lifecycle, Novorender will make sure the participants always are looking at the latest versions. This will enhance collaboration and increase security and the auditability of data.

BCF – BIM Track

Streamline the BIM communication, collaboration, and coordination processes with BIM Track in Novorender. Collect all comments and issues from BIM Track, and view them directly in Novorender for the whole team to get access. For every issue, all comments and resolutions are automatically retrieved from BIM Track. You can also create/resolve/close issues and comments back to the BIM Track platform. This creates a powerful visualization tool, where you can combine all your issues and comments together with the contextualizes 3D data. The two-way sync makes it possible to perform a thorough evaluation of decisions when needed. Get an overview at any time, from anywhere, even from your phone. Stop exchanging files with outdated lists and work seamlessly together from a single source of truth.

2D together with 3D

Use 2D drawings to be viewed together with the 3D data.