Bertelsen & Garpestad has over 60 years of experience in the construction industry. Their largest assignments consist of building transport for the public sector. They have assignments all over Norway and perform all types of construction services within construction, real estate and development. Bertelsen & Garpestad has decided to use Novorender as a BIM viewer hub by gathering 3D models, orthophoto, comments, issues and more.

A common environment

By using Novorender, Bertelsen & Garpestad will be able to have a common BIM platform that can be shared with everyone relevant to the project. Relevant actors could be the project owner, consulting engineers, subcontractors and/or others. 3D, Point Cloud, GIS and more may be retrieved from a common project hotel, and therefore always kept updated with the latest version. By integrating Novorender with Smartdok and BCF, Bertelsen & Garpestad will get a complete overview of comments, issues and more inside the 3D model.