BaneNOR x Cowi Casevideo

See how BaneNOR and COWI are using Novorender to optimize their railway project in Bergen. The project is estimated to save 40,000 truck trips per year on the Bergen-Oslo route, making it a pivotal initiative in promoting sustainable transportation methods.

Risa – Casevideo Risa is one of Norway’s largest construction contractors for the development of infrastructure for roads and energy, groundwork for housing and industry as well as operation and maintenance of roads. They have around 500 skilled employees, and have one of Norway’s most modern machinery and equipment parks. Risa has decided to use Novorender as a […]

Rosenberg – Casevideo

Rosenberg has selected Novorender as a 3D visualization tool to enable 3D-models, engineering drawings, laser scans and all associated documents and data to be available to anyone – whether they are employees, customers or business partners – at any time on any device via a web portal, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes. By […]