COWI Group’s Bold Step into the Future with Novorender: Enhancing BIM Project Management


The Challenge: Need for a Unified BIM Solution

COWI Group, an international powerhouse in the engineering and consulting domain, has always stayed at the forefront of innovation. Their global operations span across 100 countries, assisting clients from diverse sectors like energy, transportation, and more. However, as with any sprawling enterprise, the challenges of project management come to the fore.

A key challenge that COWI faced was the dispersion of workflow across multiple platforms. For a firm with a clear focus on sustainability and seamless delivery, managing projects without a consolidated platform was becoming increasingly counterproductive. They needed a solution that could unify their BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects, ensure consistent data flow, and provide accurate information to all stakeholders involved.

The Solution: An Enterprise Agreement with Novorender

Recognizing the immense potential of Novorender as a singular BIM tool, COWI entered into a strategic Enterprise agreement:

  • Unified Platform for BIM: By choosing Novorender, COWI is now positioned to streamline their BIM projects more effectively. They no longer need to juggle between multiple tools, which ensures consistent and accurate data delivery throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Harnessing the Open API: One of Novorender’s standout features that COWI is enthusiastic about is its open API. This feature promises robust integration capabilities with other digital solutions. For COWI, this means a more fluid digital workflow and a heightened ability to collaborate effortlessly with clients and partners.
  • Commitment to Improved BIM Capabilities: This partnership is not just a transaction for COWI. It’s a reflection of their commitment to bolstering their BIM capabilities. With Novorender by their side, COWI aims to offer unparalleled BIM solutions to their global customers.

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