Statens Vegvesen / BaneNOR


Statens Vegvesen / BaneNOR

Statens Vegvesen and BaneNOR’s Collaborative Endeavor: Ensuring Safety with Novorender

The Challenge: Addressing Norway’s Most Dangerous Stretch

Norway, known for its picturesque landscapes and fjords, also grapples with some challenging terrains. Ensuring the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in such conditions demands robust infrastructure. Statens Vegvesen and BaneNOR, the guardians of Norway’s road and rail infrastructure respectively, were confronted with one such challenge – the corridor titled as the most dangerous stretch in Norway. Ensuring the safety of commuters, given the avalanche-prone terrain, required a solution that could predictably mitigate risks and enhance transport infrastructure.


The Solution: A Collaborative Approach Enhanced by Digital Innovation

Recognizing the magnitude of the challenge, Statens Vegvesen and BaneNOR collaborated on the Joint Project Arna-Stanghelle (FAS). Touted as Norway’s largest tunnel project, its primary goal was avalanche prevention, ensuring that the perilous corridor became safer, faster, and more predictable for travelers.

To realize this ambitious project, the partnership roped in COWI, a renowned consultancy. Entrusted with the first of two consultant contracts for FAS, COWI turned to Novorender to bolster their arsenal. This state-of-the-art tool would aid them in a multitude of tasks, including:

  • Detailed Design: Crafting intricate blueprints that would ensure the structural integrity and safety of the tunnel.
  • Preparation of the Basis for Competition: Creating comprehensive documents that would facilitate the project’s seamless execution by attracting the right collaborators and partners.
  • Discharge Applications: Ensuring environmental compliance by preparing exhaustive applications detailing waste and water discharge mechanisms.
  • Preliminary Investigations: Assessing the site and its surrounding areas to predict challenges and strategize solutions.
  • Environmental Plans: Crafting a blueprint to ensure the project’s execution aligns with Norway’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.


Paving the Way Forward: A Partnership Symbolizing Commitment and Innovation

Statens Vegvesen and BaneNOR’s alliance on the FAS project exemplifies the power of collaborative effort, especially when buoyed by digital innovation like Novorender. As the endeavor unfolds, it promises not only a safer corridor but also sets a precedent for how infrastructural challenges, no matter how daunting, can be overcome with the right partners and tools at one’s disposal.

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