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Autostore is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer Cube Storage Automation. The company is global with 500 installations in over 30 countries in a wide range of industries. An important part of their everyday work is to reduce costs and increase benefits in the use of new technology and digitization. AutoStore has therefore decided to collaborate with Novorender by using our dynamic 3D visualization tool for their service and support as well as Academy internal and partner training

The challenge

In an increasingly digital world, AutoStore, a global robotics technology leader, found themselves at a critical juncture. Having pioneered Cube Storage Automation, they were present in over 30 countries, with 500 installations spanning a diverse set of industries. However, their commitment to cost-efficiency and maximizing technological benefits was soon to be tested.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about unforeseen challenges, with travel restrictions taking center stage. AutoStore’s traditional approach, which revolved around over 100 days of global travel primarily focused on training their partners in the installation, support, and commissioning of the AutoStore system, was rendered impracticable. A sudden halt in these training sessions raised concerns over providing essential support and assistance to their partners and customers.


AutoStore, in its quest to adapt and innovate, partnered with Novorender, integrating their dynamic 3D visualization tool. The goals were clear:

  • Remote Training, Service, and Support: With travel out of the equation, AutoStore wanted to ensure that the quality of their training, service, and support remained uncompromised. Novorender allowed them to centralize all AutoStore modules at their academy. This not only facilitated specialized training sessions but also enabled seamless service and support based on specific module needs.
  • Comprehensive Guides and Manuals: The need for a unified tool that could amalgamate all storage modules into a cohesive 3D view was palpable. With Novorender, AutoStore was not only able to achieve this but also scale up as they introduced new modules. Available via web browsers, this feature empowered AutoStore to design step-by-step guides and manuals covering installation, service, repairs, and more. These resources could be shared widely with employees, partners, customers, and others.
  • Digital Twinning and Third-Party Integration: AutoStore recognized the potential of a 3D model that could double up as a digital twin. Novorender’s tool ensured that the digital representation could be easily linked with third-party systems. This integration allowed for smoother access to manuals, parts overviews, and other essential resources as and when required.

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