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Bane NOR

BaneNOR and COWI: Modernizing Norway’s Rail Infrastructure with Novorender


The challenge

In the heart of Norway lies the ambitious task of modernizing the Nygårdstangen freight terminal and the Bergen-Fløen double track (NBF). Entrusted with the nation’s railway network, BaneNOR, a government agency, stood at a crossroads. The challenge was not just the scale of the project, but the intricate details required for seamless railway development.

As with many large-scale infrastructural projects, the intricacies lie in the need to synchronize data from various sources.

The traditional approach, which often entailed disparate data sets and siloed information, posed challenges in terms of efficiency, communication, and cohesive execution. With COWI, a global consulting engineering giant, on board, the need for a unified, collaborative platform became even more evident. The goal was to ensure that the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodology and the Integrated Concurrent Engineering (ICE) meeting methodology adopted by COWI were optimally supported.


The Solution: Harnessing the Power of Novorender as the BIM Central Hub

In their search for innovative solutions, BaneNOR and COWI turned to Novorender. The potential of Novorender to act as a central Building Information Modeling (BIM) viewer hub was an attractive proposition for several reasons:

  • Unified Data Visualization: With Novorender, data from various sources could be seamlessly integrated and visualized in a unified manner. This centralization eliminated the need to juggle multiple data sets, ensuring that everyone involved in the project had access to consistent and updated information.
  • Optimal Support for VDC and ICE: COWI’s commitment to the Virtual Design and Construction methodology, which is about integrating multi-disciplinary project teams into a cohesive unit, found an ally in Novorender. The platform not only facilitated the VDC approach but also ensured that the ICE meeting methodology was adequately supported. This allowed for real-time collaboration, addressing potential issues, and refining designs before they went into construction.By leveraging Novorender’s capabilities, both BaneNOR and COWI have taken a significant step towards ensuring that Norway’s railway infrastructure not only meets but exceeds modern standards.

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