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Bertelsen & Garpestad: Enhancing Construction Collaboration with Novorender

The Challenge: Streamlining Information Flow in a Diverse Project Environment

Bertelsen & Garpestad, with a rich legacy of over 60 years in the construction sector, has been a powerhouse in delivering large-scale public transport infrastructure across Norway. With a vast range of services spanning construction, real estate, and development, they often found themselves grappling with the complexities of consolidating diverse project-related information.

Given the extensive nature of their assignments, the company was working with various stakeholders: from project owners and consulting engineers to subcontractors. Each of these entities operated with their own set of data, including 3D models, orthophoto documentation, comments, issues, and more. The challenge was evident: How could Bertelsen & Garpestad unify this vast pool of information into a singular, updated, and accessible platform?



The Solution: Adopting Novorender as a Unified BIM Hub

Recognizing the imperative need for a unified project management platform, Bertelsen & Garpestad turned to Novorender for a comprehensive solution:

  • A Common BIM Platform: With Novorender, the company could effortlessly converge diverse data sources into one unified BIM platform. This served as a centralized repository that could be accessed and shared by all relevant stakeholders, ensuring everyone was on the same page.
  • Integration with Diverse Data Sources: From 3D models and Point Cloud to GIS, Novorender allowed all project-related data to be fetched from a single ‘project hotel’. This ensured that all stakeholders accessed only the most updated version of the project data.
  • Enhanced Collaboration with Integration: A game-changer was the seamless integration of Novorender with tools like Smartdok and BCF. This integration allowed Bertelsen & Garpestad to view comments, issues, and more directly inside the 3D model. Such real-time insights ensured better decision-making and timely project interventions.

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