Bjelland’s Journey to Enhanced Construction Oversight with Novorender


The Challenge

Bjelland, a leading construction contractor specializing in infrastructure and groundwork for housing and industry, boasts a vast fleet of contemporary machinery and equipment parks. With the immense scale and complexity of their operations, the challenge was clear: How does one maintain a clear, real-time overview of large-scale projects, ensuring that all machinery, equipment, and personnel work cohesively and efficiently?

This need for a comprehensive view of their projects was further compounded by the integration of different data sources like machine locations, construction surveys, cross sections, and more. Simply put, Bjelland required a solution that would allow them to view their projects holistically, combining all these elements into one unified platform, thereby ensuring real-time oversight and streamlined operations.

The Solution: Embracing Novorender as the BIM Central Hub

Bjelland, recognizing the potential of emerging technologies in construction management, turned to Novorender as their Building Information Modeling (BIM) viewer hub. Here’s how Novorender revolutionized their project oversight:

  • Unified BIM Viewer Hub: By adopting Novorender, Bjelland could seamlessly integrate diverse data sources into one centralized platform. This allowed for machine locations, construction surveying, cross sections, and more to be viewed and managed collectively.
  • Incorporation of Orthophoto & Point Cloud: A pivotal feature that elevated Bjelland’s project management capabilities was the integration of orthophoto and Point Cloud with their 3D models. This ensured a comprehensive 360-degree overview of their projects at any given moment.
  • Rapid Model Loading: With the efficiency of Novorender, Bjelland could swiftly load their entire project model within seconds. This real-time accessibility meant quicker decision-making and timely interventions, essential for the fast-paced world of construction

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