HENT Partners with Novorender: A Revolution in Construction Project Management

The Challenge: Enhancing HENT’s Project Management Capabilities

HENT, since its inception in 1980, has carved a niche for itself as one of the giants in the Nordic construction sector. Having undertaken significant projects across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, they are continuously pushing boundaries to innovate and enhance their operations.

A central part of this vision is their proprietary project management system: HENT Core. Though the system had a robust infrastructure, HENT was seeking to integrate advanced 3D visualization capabilities to streamline communication and management across their vast array of projects. They required a solution that could handle vast datasets from diverse formats and provide real-time insights across all devices.



The Solution: Integrating Novorender’s 3D Engine into HENT Core

Recognizing the potential of Novorender, HENT decided to incorporate it into the very heart of HENT Core. Here’s how Novorender transformed the system:

  • Seamless Integration with HENT Core: Utilizing Novorender as their primary 3D engine, HENT was able to link it flawlessly with all their internal systems. This move enabled the visualization of infinite sizes of models, whether they were 2D, 3D, or PDF formats.
  • Device Flexibility: One of Novorender’s standout features is its adaptability. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a laptop, HENT’s teams can now access detailed 3D visualizations anytime, anywhere.
  • Open API Advantage: The integration between HENT Core and Novorender was made smooth thanks to Novorender’s open APIs. This feature not only facilitates seamless connections but also aids in the development of customized building functionalities tailored to HENT’s specific needs.
  • Advanced Functionalities: Working in tandem, HENT and Novorender have developed pioneering features like support for construction zones/control areas. These can be modified in both 3D and 2D, proving invaluable for planning and directing engineering tasks within HENT’s projects. Additional functionalities include PDF support with minimap/split screens, positioning, and many more advancements on the horizon.
  • Comprehensive Model Integration: With Novorender’s capabilities, HENT can amalgamate models of unparalleled sizes from a plethora of formats, including IFC, PDF, and beyond. This integrated approach amplifies communication capabilities for all projects, covering an expansive range from task management and delivery schedules to deviations, meeting updates, and even intricate planning and assembly statuses.

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