IVAR & Novorender: Pioneering the Future of Infrastructure with Advanced 3D Insights


The Challenge: Integrating Advanced Digital Solutions for Enhanced Infrastructure Management


As one of the leading inter-municipal firms spearheading water, sewerage, and waste disposal services, IVAR has continually strived to uphold its vision: ensuring the region’s top-tier services. Their commitment to excellence led them to explore advancements in digital technology, aiming to further enhance their operational efficiency.

However, they faced distinct challenges in their journey:

  • Complex Data Integration: The necessity to seamlessly amalgamate various 3D models and point clouds, regardless of differing formats and file sizes.
  • Cross-device Access: A solution that would grant uninterrupted access on diverse devices, from mobiles to tablets, was imperative.
  • Comprehensive Data Synchronization: The new system needed to effectively synchronize with third-party data sources, especially focusing on operation, maintenance, and work order data.


Solution: How Novorender Transformed IVAR’s Approach

Connecting with IoT

Point Cloud Integration:
One of IVAR’s primary requirements was the ability to juxtapose their point cloud data with the existing 3D models. Novorender’s prowess ensured that IVAR’s 3D data and point cloud could coexist and be analyzed, whether within a unified view or separate interfaces.

Universal Access with Novorender’s Cloud Solution:
Novorender provided a cloud solution where every authorized IVAR personnel could access updated 3D models or point clouds at any time, using any web browser. Additionally, this platform ensured that tagged objects within these 3D models could be enhanced with relevant third-party data. This integration ensured that documentation from external systems could be visualized through Novorender’s web-based 3D models, ensuring that pertinent information was available to users regardless of location or time.

Geo-referenced Insights:
Venturing beyond conventional integration, IVAR expressed interest in incorporating geo-referenced objects directly within the Point Cloud. The collaboration with Novorender ensured that by merely clicking on such an object, users could instantly retrieve vital information from IVAR’s extensive data warehouses.

Automated Updates & Holistic System Integration:
IVAR envisioned a streamlined process where data files, both legacy and updated, would be autonomously uploaded to Novorender. This auto-upload would be based on geo-references, ensuring accuracy. Moreover, by integrating Novorender with other essential systems, IVAR could create a comprehensive Digital Twin. This integration meant that if specific operational values surpassed set thresholds, they would be automatically highlighted within the model, ensuring real-time monitoring and prompt interventions.

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