IVAR is an inter-municipal company with responsibility for water, sewerage and waste disposal. The company’s vision is to ensure the region’s most competitive water, sewerage and waste disposal services. IVAR is always looking at digitalization projects to increase benefits in the use of new technology and has therefore decided to investigate how Novorender can help in using 3D models and point clouds in tasks related to operation and maintenance, project phases and more.

IVAR wanted a 3D visualization tool that could add and merge all of their 3D models and point clouds independent of file size and formats. Further they wanted it to be available on mobile and tablet and be able to integrate with 3rd party sources such as operation and maintenance data and work orders.

Point Cloud

IVAR wanted a way of comparing their point cloud data with their existing 3D models. Novorender allows their 3D data and point cloud to be analyzed directly in the same (or separate) view.

By using the Novorender cloud solution any authorized IVAR user may through a web browser get access to the latest and greatest 3D model or point cloud at any given time. All tagged objects in the 3D model may also be inserted with relevant 3rd party data. This will result in the documentation from 3rd party systems being exposed through the Novorender web-based 3D model, and relevant information being available anywhere at any time.

Further, they want to look at the possibility of adding geo-referenced objects directly in the Point Cloud. By clicking such an object, it should be possible to get relevant information from the IVAR data warehouses.

Automatic updates and Integration with other systems

IVAR wants a simple process where files (both old and updated) are uploaded automatically to the Novorender platform. They should be placed automatically based on geo-reference.

By integrating with other systems IVAR also wants to display relevant data from operations and maintenance systems and more; thus creating a Digital Twin. For example if a value exceeds a certain threshold it should be emphasized in the model.

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