LNS’s Digital Evolution with Novorender: Streamlining Construction and Mining Projects


The Challenge: Efficient Integration of Massive Data Sets

In the intersection of construction and mining, LNS has built a reputation for excellence. With a robust workforce of 750 employees, they seamlessly combine the best methodologies from both industries. But in this fast-evolving digital age, even the best need to continually upgrade.

A key challenge LNS faced was the efficient integration of 3D models and vast point clouds, indispensable to their projects. They needed a solution that wasn’t just confined to traditional computers but could also be accessed on-the-go via mobiles and tablets. Moreover, the tool had to be adept at merging diverse file formats and sizes, making them readily available for critical tasks across all project phases.


The Solution: Harnessing Novorender’s Advanced Capabilities

Recognizing Novorender’s potential, LNS embarked on a digital transformation journey:

  • Unified Platform for 3D Visualization: Novorender provided LNS with a dynamic 3D visualization tool, capable of assimilating and merging all their 3D models and point clouds, irrespective of file size or format. This ensured that LNS’s teams could access unified data sets across devices, be it mobiles, tablets, or PCs.
  • Clash Detection: One of the groundbreaking features LNS utilized was Novorender’s clash detection. This tool proved invaluable in pinpointing clashes between multiple models at the initial construction stages. As a result, LNS could proactively address these clashes, preventing costly design alterations later, safeguarding both time and budget.
  • Geometric Control for Precision: A standout requirement for LNS was the ability to juxtapose their as-built tunnels with the underlying 3D blueprints. Given the intricacies of drilling and explosives work, it was crucial for LNS to validate their efforts against the original models. With Novorender, they could effortlessly compare massive point clouds against IFC/landXML files, ensuring the precision of their ongoing work.


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