Nye Veier


Nye Veier


The Challenge: Unlocking Accessibility and Transparency in Infrastructure Data

Nye Veier, a leading state-owned infrastructure company in Norway, holds a legacy of not just building roads, but building the future. With an ever-growing focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, Nye Veier encountered a modern challenge: how to make intricate 3D models and data seamlessly accessible for Facility Management, Operation, and Maintenance (FDV) solutions. This accessibility would pave the way for enriched collaboration among a spectrum of stakeholders – from clients and consulting engineers to contractors – facilitating real-time, insightful, and transparent access to crucial information.


The Solution: Embracing the Power of Novorender’s Web-based Visualization

In line with its ethos of forward-thinking and innovation, Nye Veier forged a strategic partnership with Novorender. The solution they implemented offers a slew of benefits:

  • Seamless Navigation and Visualization: With Novorender’s robust platform, complex data sets are no longer a labyrinth. Stakeholders can now effortlessly navigate, analyze, and visualize intricate 3D models across any device, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Collaborative Decision-making: Enhanced accessibility ensures that teams are equipped with the right information at the right time. This enables swift identification of potential issues, fostering an environment of collaborative decision-making that is both timely and informed.
  • Boosted Project Outcomes: Through streamlined access and effective collaboration, projects see a marked improvement in outcomes, ranging from reduced delays to enhanced quality assurance and stakeholder satisfaction.


A New Era in Infrastructure Development

This alliance between Nye Veier and Novorender signifies more than just a partnership; it heralds a new era in infrastructure development. It underscores Nye Veier’s unwavering commitment to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of infrastructure, fueling a digital revolution that promises improved efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

As Nye Veier continues its journey to shape Norway’s highways of tomorrow, its collaboration with Novorender ensures that the path ahead is not just built on concrete and asphalt, but on the pillars of transparency, accessibility, and technological prowess.


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