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The Challenge: Managing Massive Data for a Major Infrastructure

In the scenic northern landscapes of Norway, the emergence of the new airport in Bodø is shaping the future of this beautiful region

The main challenge in this big project was handling a large amount of data, which is essential for a project like this. With many people involved, finding a way to manage and share all this information and help everyone work together well was very important


Data Management in Large-Scale Projects

Big projects like the new airport in Bodø usually deal with a lot of information from different places, which needs to be constantly updated and analyzed. Old ways of handling this information can cause problems, slow things down, and lead to misunderstandings between teams.

The Solution: Novorender as the BIM Viewer of Choice

Recognizing the critical need for efficient data management, the project team, which includes prominent partners like Peab, Avinor, and COWI, chose Novorender as the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Viewer.


Why Novorender?

Novorender was chosen because it can automatically manage data flow and handle large amounts of data easily. This decision was based on several important reasons such as:

Seamless Data Integration: Combining data from different places and showing it in a clear, easy-to-use way. This helps everyone involved stay informed to make better decisions and work together more effectively.

Enhancing Collaboration: With a huge amount of partners involved, collaboration is key. Novorender provides a platform where all parties can work together seamlessly, sharing insights and updates in real time.


Excited for What’s to Come

The selection of Novorender marks a significant step forward for the Bodø airport project. It reflects a commitment to leveraging innovative technology to overcome traditional challenges in infrastructure development. As the project moves forward we look forward to shaping a critical asset for Norway’s northern region.

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