Risa’s Digital Evolution: Embracing Modern Solutions for Infrastructure Development


The Challenge: Meeting Rigorous Digitalization Standards

Risa, standing tall as one of Norway’s premier construction contractors, has always been at the forefront of infrastructure development. Their diverse portfolio, ranging from infrastructure for roads and energy, groundwork for housing and industry, to the operation and maintenance of roads, is a testament to their unmatched expertise. However, with growth and diversity came unique challenges.

The “Busway” project, a model-based turnkey contract under Risa’s belt, posed a significant hurdle. The project owner, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, set rigorous standards for digitalization. These standards were not mere compliance checkpoints but pivotal elements ensuring the success and efficiency of the project. The challenge was evident: Risa needed a solution that would not only help them meet but excel in these requirements.


The Solution: Embracing Novorender as a Centralized BIM Viewer Hub

In their quest to find a solution, Risa zeroed in on Novorender. Here’s how Novorender transformed their approach:

  • Unified BIM Platform: Novorender became Risa’s BIM viewer hub, streamlining the process of gathering diverse data types. 3D models, orthophotos, comments, issues, and other pivotal project elements were now housed under one roof. The convenience of having a centralized hub meant quicker access, efficient updates, and improved collaboration among teams.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Rogaland Fylkeskommune’s digitalization requirements were no longer a daunting task. Novorender’s capabilities ensured that every digitalization standard, no matter how stringent, was met with precision. Risa could confidently showcase their adherence to these standards, positioning themselves as not just a contractor but a forward-thinking partner in the project.


Looking Ahead: Pioneering the Future with Digital Solutions

Risa’s decision to leverage Novorender’s capabilities stands as a shining example of a legacy brand embracing modern solutions. By ensuring seamless digitalization in projects like Busway, Risa reaffirms its commitment to delivering quality, efficiency, and innovation

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