Worley Rosenberg


Worley Rosenberg

Worley’s Digital Transformation: From Traditional Methods to Cutting-Edge 3D Visualization

The Challenge: Overcoming Traditional Barriers

Worley Rosenberg, a premier EPCIC contractor located in Stavanger, Norway, boasts a rich history and an expansive team of over 3,000 professionals. Despite their legacy and workforce, they faced significant challenges. Their digital assets, especially 3D data, were traditionally limited to a select group of specialists using expensive software. The restrictions posed a significant barrier, hindering efficiency, real-time problem solving, and collaborative efforts across teams. Rosenberg envisioned a digital transformation that would democratize access to these assets, thus bridging the information gap between specialists and other stakeholders.


The Solution: Seamless Integration with Novorender

Worley Rosenberg’s quest for digital excellence led them to Novorender, unlocking a world of possibilities:

  • Universal Access to 3D Assets: With Novorender’s robust 3D visualization tool, Worley Rosenberg empowered their entire ecosystem – from employees to customers and business partners. 3D-models, engineering drawings, laser scans, and associated documents became instantly accessible via a web portal, irrespective of 3D formats or file sizes. This move shifted Worley Rosenberg from a traditional model to one where data, often concealed within design systems, became universally accessible, obviating the need for specialist software.
  • Creation of a Digital Twin: A significant leap in their digital journey, Worley Rosenberg’s Digital Twin initiative visualized concealed data, facilitating measurements relative to data handovers.
  • Integrated ERP System: The integration with Worley Rosenberg’s IFS ERP system was revolutionary. It addressed a longstanding pain-point: juggling between different systems to access related information. Now, technical and commercial information, like purchase orders or certificates, became conveniently accessible. Real-time inspections became seamless. For instance, if a valve on the Jotun ship’s turret raised a query, all relevant IFS documents and 3D models were just a click away, be it from the Worley Rosenberg office, the Jotun ship, or a client site.
  • Point Cloud / Laser Scans: Worley Rosenberg’s need to compare point cloud data with 3D models found a solution in Novorender. The ability to simultaneously view 3D models and laser scans simplified validations, minimized manual errors, and served as a lasting documentation aid. The alignment of these two visual data types yielded significant benefits, including cost savings, risk reduction, and time efficiency.
  • Collaboration Across Platforms: Worley Rosenberg’s pursuit of efficient digital collaboration culminated in Novorender’s seamless embedding within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This integration accelerated Worley Rosenberg’s agile approach to remote work, fostering efficient collaboration across teams and borders during challenging times.

Transforming for the Future

Worley Rosenberg’s partnership with Novorender marks a significant chapter in their digital transformation journey. By breaking down traditional barriers and leveraging state-of-the-art visualization tools, Worley Rosenberg is not just paving the way for their own future but also setting a benchmark for the industry.

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