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Skanska Norway’s Digital Leap: Harnessing Novorender to Drive Project Efficiency


The Challenge: Streamlining Project Visualization and Collaboration

Skanska Norway, with its esteemed history of over a century, has been at the forefront of constructing transformative landmarks that resonate with sustainability and innovation. Their iconic projects have not only redefined landscapes but have also solidified their position as industry pioneers.

But with ambitious projects comes the innate need for precision, communication, and efficient collaboration. Especially when the ventures are as monumental as the E39 Rogfast, set to be the world’s longest underwater road tunnel, or the E18 West Corridor, one of Norway’s largest development ventures. These projects demanded more than just expertise; they called for real-time data visualization and communication tools that could match Skanska’s ambition.


The Solution: Integrating Novorender for Enhanced Collaboration

Recognizing the transformative potential of digital solutions, Skanska turned to Novorender:

  • Rogfast Project: This partnership’s inception was marked with the Rogfast project. With Novorender’s visualization capabilities, Skanska could offer stakeholders a comprehensive view of the project, ensuring that everyone, from engineers to contractors, was on the same page.
  • E18 and E10 Explorations: Skanska’s successful experience with Rogfast paved the way for exploring Novorender’s potential in the early stages of the E18 and E10 projects. By leveraging Novorender at this crucial juncture, Skanska aims to enhance stakeholder engagement, ensuring that the projects, which prioritize traffic safety, reduced car usage, and better public transportation options, proceed with heightened efficiency and collaboration.


The Road Ahead: Setting Industry Standards

The integration of Novorender into Skanska’s project workflows symbolizes the construction giant’s dedication to continuous improvement. With real-time data access and visualization, teams can make swift, informed decisions, which is pivotal for projects of such magnitude.

Skanska’s venture into harnessing Novorender’s capabilities isn’t just about adopting a tool; it’s about setting a benchmark in the industry. It showcases Skanska’s commitment to driving efficiency through innovation and their vision for a future where projects are executed with unprecedented precision and collaboration.

As Skanska continues to shape landscapes and communities, their partnership with Novorender promises a future of construction projects that are not just monumental in scale but also in efficiency and collaboration.

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