Skipsteknisk’s Voyage into Digital Transformation: Navigating 3D Visualization with Novorender


The Challenge: Modernizing Ship Design for Enhanced Collaboration and Market Leadership

In Norwegian harbors, the name Skipsteknisk has been a beacon of maritime excellence since 1976. With branches reaching out to Turkey and China, this ship design titan has built a legacy by designing specialized vessels tailored for offshore research and fisheries. However, to maintain their position among the industry’s crème de la crème, Skipsteknisk faced the challenge of modernizing their collaboration methods. They sought to integrate their intricate ship designs into a digital platform that could be easily accessed, understood, and collaborated upon, not just internally, but externally with their global clientele.


The Solution: Charting Uncharted Waters with Novorender’s 3D Visualization

1. Any Model, Any Device, Anytime: The flexibility of Novorender stood out as a beacon for Skipsteknisk. Gone were the days of being bound by software limitations. Now, 3D models, irrespective of their size, could be uploaded and viewed seamlessly on any device – be it a laptop, tablet, or phone. The elimination of specialized software requirements paved the way for unparalleled collaboration, allowing team members and clients from around the world to discuss, tweak, and finalize designs in real-time.

2. Anchoring Data Integrity with a Single Source of Truth: One of the pitfalls of modern digitalization can be data disparity, leading to confusion and miscommunication. With Novorender, Skipsteknisk anchored all their 3D models into a single, unified platform. By ensuring that every stakeholder accessed the most recent and accurate version of the model, the company instilled confidence and streamlined decision-making processes, especially critical for remote or home-based team members and clients.


Setting Sail Towards a Digital Horizon

Skipsteknisk’s alliance with Novorender is symbolic of an old-world industry embracing the winds of change. By integrating modern 3D visualization into their workflow, the ship design maestro not only enhances their collaboration but also reinforces their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As they continue to shape the future of ship design, Skipsteknisk’s partnership with Novorender stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation.

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