Statens Vegvesen


Statens Vegvesen

Statens Vegvesen and Novorender: Crafting the Future of Infrastructure Development through Digital Twins


The Challenge: An Ambitious Vision for a Coherent Transport System

Statens Vegvesen, the formidable Norwegian government body overseeing the national and county road networks, stands at the crossroads of innovation. With the grand vision of creating a smart and unified transport system for Norway, they faced the intricate challenge of managing extensive digital projects. A key component of this vision was the Bjørnafjorden bridge, a project demanding meticulous planning, real-time monitoring, and collaborative oversight. The traditional tools and methods were falling short in providing a holistic, real-time view, ensuring seamless collaboration, and integrating the vast array of digital data generated during the planning and execution phases.


The Solution: Crafting a Digital Reality with 3D Visualization and Digital Twins

1. Dynamic Project Management with 3D Visualization: With the development of the BOLC (Bjørnafjorden Open Live Center) support tool, Statens Vegvesen aimed to revolutionize project management. Role-based interfaces were conceived for different stakeholders, such as project managers, construction supervisors, and control engineers. At the heart of this transformation was the integration of Novorender’s 3D visualization tool, a platform that defied traditional limits on model sizes and allowed linking of diverse 3D formats. This ensured that everyone involved, irrespective of their role, had real-time access to interconnected 3D models, documents, and data, all through a simple web browser.

2. Realizing the Digital Twin Vision: Beyond just 3D visualization, the collaboration aimed to breathe life into a digital twin of the Bjørnafjorden bridge. This digital avatar, reflecting every nuance of the physical bridge, would be enriched with live data from sensors monitoring the weather, wind, and wave conditions. In association with Sopra Steria, Novorender crafted a unique dashboard, designed to provide project participants with a custom workspace. This dashboard, underpinned by Novorender’s capabilities, would showcase the digital twin in all its glory, using visual cues like graphs and color codes to denote project progress.


Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Statens Vegvesen’s ambitious project, supported by Novorender’s innovative solutions, is redefining the landscape of infrastructure development. As the digital twin of the Bjørnafjorden bridge takes shape, it serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in shaping the transport systems of tomorrow.

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