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Statens Vegvesen is a Norwegian government body consisting of 7,000 employees with responsibility for national and county roads in Norway. This includes planning, construction and operation of national and county road networks, driver training and licensing, vehicle inspection and subsidies for car ferries. Statens Vegvesen is working on creating a smart and coherent transport system for the whole of Norway, and therefore has many digital projects. An important part of the work to reduce costs and benefits is the use of new technology and digitization. Statens Vegvesen has decided to collaborate with Novorender using a dynamic 3D visualization tool for the ​planning of the Bjørnafjorden bridge during the test pilot of the upcoming support tool BOLC (Bjørnafjorden Open Live Center)


Project management and visualization using 3D

As the client and project owner, Statens Vegvesen has at all times the need to have control over all aspect of the project; which phase they are inn and the activities associated with them. The support tool BOLC (Bjørnafjorden Open Live Center) will therefore be developed to support the client’s management of the project (HSE, cost, progress, quality, other added value), while it is developed with role-based user interfaces (one for project manager, construction manager, control engineer and so on). Here they also needed a 3D tool that has infinite scalability in size of models (GB), which in addition has open APIs to be linked to other systems. Using Novorender then enables a visualization tool that enables 3D models and related documents and data to be linked together while being accessible to anyone at any time on any device via a web browser, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes.

Digital Twin

The dashboard makes it possible to create a digital twin for the floating bridge over Bjørnafjorden. The digital twin will with its graphs and color codes in a simple way show the status of the project and will thus provide better and simpler document management, case flow and visualization. In addition, measurement sensors will be set up for weather, wind and waves that will be presented. In collaboration with Sopra Steria, Novorender will develop a dashboard so that the individual project participant has a tailored work area with an overview of their areas of responsibility without having to search in the individual underlying systems. Through Novorender, the BOLC dashboard will visualize a digital twin of the future physical bridge, and graphs and color codes that symbolize the progress in the various parts of the project.

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