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Viscan Leverages Novorender for Enhanced BIM Viewing: Streamlining Project Execution with Advanced Visualization



Viscan GmbH is a company that specializes in project management. Their experts offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for your project management requirements. Viscan offers advice and support in the planning, control, control, monitoring, and documentation of projects. Their goal is to support their customers in achieving the desired results and to help them overcome the challenges arising from complex projects.

In the competitive realm of project management and supervision, Viscan stands out for its dedication to aligning project outcomes with client objectives, driving towards efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Recognizing challenges in BIM visualization and management, Viscan has partnered with Novorender, using its advanced BIM viewer to overcome limitations and enhance project execution.


The Challenge

Viscan faced difficulties in effectively visualizing and managing BIM data, crucial for detailed analysis and decision-making. Traditional tools lacked the necessary detail and flexibility, affecting project efficiency and the ability to meet quality and satisfaction goals.


The Solution

Novorender emerges as a solution, offering superior visualization features. Its BIM viewer renders complex models, improving planning, implementation, and monitoring. This partnership enhances project alignment with client goals, ensuring informed decision-making and project efficiency. Furthermore, Viscan looks to the future, planning to use Novorender’s powerful 3D engine inside their own platform Solution (CDE). This integration will allow for the creation of dynamic, interactive platforms that enhance stakeholder engagement and project visualization, marking a significant leap in project execution and data utilization.

By adopting Novorender, Viscan sets a new industry standard, promising improved project execution and continued success in meeting client expectations.

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