Measurement: Laser outline

Measurement: Laser outline


Our laser outline feature is designed to empower you with precise measurements and greater control when working with 3D models. We understand that accuracy and efficiency are paramount in your projects, and our tool adds exceptional value to your workflow.

Simplified video: See bottom of the page

Simplified Model Management Effortlessly manage your models with our ‘Model list,’ where all models are color-coded for easy identification. If you’ve adjusted your camera position, simply hit ‘Update’ to refresh the list. Hiding models from view is a straightforward process – just click the eye icon next to their name.

Laser-Precise Measurements Activate the ‘Laser’ function to unlock precise measurements. Click between two objects, and watch as our laser tool generates vertical and horizontal lines while instantly displaying distances in both directions.

Seamless Navigation Need measurements for additional objects? Click the arrows on the laser to swiftly obtain distances to adjacent items. To remove a measurement from view, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘X’ icon next to the displayed distance value.

Our laser outlining feature is designed to elevate your measurement capabilities, ensuring your projects are executed with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Discover the difference today!



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