Point Cloud

Point Cloud


Novorender supports a range of formats within point clouds, even 360 images and jpg.

Clash detection is a crucial aspect of any construction project, as it helps to identify and resolve potential issues before they become costly and time-consuming problems. By using Novorender’s clash detection feature, users can quickly and easily identify clashes between multiple 3D models and point clouds, ensuring that potential conflicts are addressed early in the construction process. Use it for tunnels, buildings, pipes, or what ever you like!

With Novorender’s clash detection feature, users can streamline their workflows and save valuable time and resources by identifying clashes before they become significant issues. This feature helps to reduce the risk of delays, rework, and other problems that can arise during the construction process, ultimately improving project outcomes and increasing client satisfaction.

To use Novorender’s clash detection feature, users simply need to add the values in the Deviations widget.

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