Right-click menu

Right-click menu


The right-click menu provides users with a list of options that are relevant to the item or area they have right-clicked on. The right-click menu will give you more shortcuts for actions such as:


Hide – The option will hide just the one selected object, basically temporarily removing it from view without permanently deleting.

Hide layer – Each selected object is assigned to a layer where objects of the same type appear. The option will make all the objects which are saved on that particular layer invisible.

Add file to selection basket – You can utilize this option to choose all the objects saved within the file of the selected object and include them in the selection basket.

Measure – This option enables you to select a specific plane of an object and instantly obtain measurements along its edges.

Add clipping plane – The clipping plane option defines a virtual plane in 3D space, determining visible and hidden parts of a scene or object. It acts as a boundary, cutting away objects beyond it and restricting visibility to the defined plane. You can add up to 4 clipping planes in one view.



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