Model Validation: With AI

Model Validation: With AI


Did you know 22% of construction change orders are driven by bad data? That’s why we have built model validation in Novorender – and we added AI to help speed our users up in creating the applied ruleset

With Rules, you can specify what data must be included in a (BIM) dataset and subsequently validate if it is delivered. It allows for automatic compliance checking of all your models, increasing quality control and fidelity of data. It may be used across all your relevant formats, including but not limited to: IFC, DWG, XML, etc.

A user of Rules can specify how objects, classifications, materials, properties, and even values should be delivered, across entire projects!

Our AI capability significantly improves efficiency by automating the validation process, ensuring that models adhere to specific standards and requirements, including IDS.


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Powered by AI

Using the power of AI, you can simplify the creation of rulesets. Upload Word or Excel files with your project information and receive suggestions for rulesets.


IDS Standard Support:

IDS is a standard developed by BuildingSmart for defining information requirements in a way that is easily read by humans and interpreted by computers.

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