Summer release 2023

Summer release 2023

We have made some major changes to our 3D engine during the summer of 2023, where we essentially rebuilt our rendering engine from the ground up 😎

We have made a detailed overview in our docs blog post here. Please find a summary below:


Key enhancements:

  • When certain parts of the model are hidden, they no longer occupy space in the device’s memory. Consequently, this leads to significantly improved responsiveness in the user experience. This enhancement particularly simplifies tasks such as visualizing extensive elements (such as rebars), as irrelevant elements are effectively ‘forgotten’ by the model.
  • Adding custom elements to the model is now much more streamlined and user-friendly. This includes the incorporation of objects like markers in 3D to establish references. See an example with Jira here.
  • The issue of ‘pixelation’ or jaggedness in the geometry has been successfully resolved. This results in a noticeably smoother appearance for 3D.
  • Notable improvements have been made to how transparency is handled, resulting in a much more visually pleasing effect (see image in the gallery below).
  • We have also introduced outline rendering, employing a toon shader that outlines all objects, even in 2D views. This new feature facilitates more precise point-to-point measurements. Additionally, dynamic cross-sectioning is now possible, outlining everything the section intersects.

Upcoming potential features

Implementation of offline support

  • Caching directly to the local disk, yielding exceptional speed—performance improves with increased usage

Introduction of scene versioning capabilities.

  • This empowers administrators to review and verify the most recent changes, covering periods such as the last 6 months, yesterday, etc.
  • Administrators can choose whether to approve a revision or keep it for internal assessment.
  • Furthermore, reverting to earlier versions becomes simpler, enabling the tracking of changes over time.
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