Oil & Gas, shipyard, ship design, process plant, storage automation and more

Endless formats

Combine 3D, Point Cloud, Orthophoto and many more

3D in the field

Use your 3D in the browser on devices such as phone, tablet and laptop

Clash Detection

Between 3D and Point Cloud

Parametric Measurement

Make measurement simply by clicking items to get area, width, slope and more

Out of the box integrations

Use integrations such as CDE (BIM360), IoT sensors and many others


Share 3D models with anyone inside or outside your organization

Some Integrations

A wide variety of use cases

Digital Twin connected to ERP and IoT

Integration with 3rd party systems such as ERP (Aveva Net, SAP ++) and IoT will create a Digital Twin, enabling your 3D model as a single source of truth

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3D for service, support and training

Merging all storage modules into a single 3D view, being able to scale as they add more modules and to be available via the web browser. In that way they would be able to create manuals and step-by-step guides for tasks such as installation, service, repair and much more, that could be shared with employees, partners, customers and more.

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3D for collaboration internally and externally

Upload 3D models of any size as well as being able to view them via the browser on any device such as laptop, tablet and phone. When no special purpose software is needed, it will create much better possibilities for collaboration and seamless sharing of assets.

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IoT together with 3D and Point Cloud

All 3D models available on mobile and tablet and be able to integrate with 3rd party sources such as operation and maintenance data and work orders.

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