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Works on all devices
Handles any file size
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The Ultimate 3D and Digital Twin Viewer for the energy industry

Novorender is an advanced 3D visualization tool that enables engineers and geoscientists to make informed decisions before exploration, production and drilling. Its highly detailed and interactive visualizations provide a powerful means of communicating complex data and concepts.


Create highly accurate models of oil and gas fields, and simulate different scenarios to test the impact of various parameters. With Novorender you are actively minimizing downtime, reducing costs and increasing overall efficiency for your teams.

Single source of truth

Our goal is to enable companies in the energy industry to optimize their operations, and improve workflows, drive growth, and increase profitability.

All stakeholders involved in the project will have access to the same source of information, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings ensuring everyone is working towards the same goal and making informed decisions based on accurate data.

Key features


Automating the validation process with rulesets supported by AI

Groups / Filter

An automated method for creating groups based on all the available values for each property.


Browse through changes in your project by using CDE Sync Activity Logs


Measure only outline on the clipping

Controls & Movement

The navigation cube allows for switching to predefined views, such as top, bottom, right, left, front, and back.


By defining a path you can guide the movement of camera along a specific trajectory

Limitless possibilities with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms.