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The Ultimate 3D Visualisation Tool for the Construction Industry

Risk reduction in real time

With the most powerful 3D visualisation tool on the market, we are revolutionising the way construction companies use their 3D data.

Novorender offers seamless integrations with most internal systems and it lets you visualise infinite sizes of PDFs, 2D and 3D models across all devices – making it easy to access and collaborate anytime, anywhere. 

By streamlining your workflow and minimising the potential for critical errors, Novorender is the ultimate solution for ensuring the success of your projects, from start to finish.

Make communication a non-issue

Managing complex construction projects can be challenging. Our platform is designed to streamline the process of sharing large amounts of 3D data, making it immediately available to engineers, project managers, and developers alike. 

Everyone involved will be looking at a single source of truth in the most powerful 3D visualisation tool created.

What our customers say:

“Novorender has developed outstanding technology that allows HENT to work with highly complex models in our preferred way – within our tools.”
Tomas Jonsson
Executive Vice President Technology and Sustainability HENT

Key features

Clash Detection

Clash detection via Novorender helps in speeding up projects by identifying clashes between several 3d models and point clouds during the early phases of construction.


Create different section views of your 3D model! Select any surface, and clip into the model with the “Position” sliding bar


Creates a cross section by defining the orientation and position of a section plane.


By defining a path you can guide the movement of camera along a specific trajectory

Clash Detection

Compare your as-built against the underlying 3D models.


Visualize all of your pictures ranging from drone scans to phone images.

Limitless possibilities with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms.