Handles any size of BIM Data
Works on any device
Integrate with other systems

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Make your BIM models accessible to anyone, at any time on any device

Every infrastructure project has countless stakeholders, all of whom have varying data and information needs. Without the proper tools for information sharing there is a high risk of discrepancies and costly mistakes.

We are removing information silos with accessible BIM-models and related documents to anyone at any time.

Handles any size of BIM and GIS Data

Take control of your larger projects, increase value of existing 3D models, streamline communication across all areas of expertise and create less room for costly mistakes.

With Novorender you are making your BIM-models accessible to all stakeholders. Everyone involved will be looking at a single source of truth in the most powerful 3D visualisation tool created.

What our customers say:

“Novorender streamlines our infrastructure projects by enabling seamless coordination and communication among stakeholders. Its versatility and accessibility make it an indispensable asset, improving project outcomes for everyone, anywhere and anytime.”
Helene Foldnes Skage
BIM Coordinator - Bane NOR

Key features for the infrastructure sector


How Many Clicks to Access Your Model in the Field? Just One!


Automating the validation process with rulesets supported by AI

Groups / Filter

An automated method for creating groups based on all the available values for each property.
Customize reporting of deviations according to your project requirements


Browse through changes in your project by using CDE Sync Activity Logs

Coming soon

Add textures based on attributes in the model

Limitless possibilities with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms.