Ship yard & design

Ship yard & design

Cloud-based and open API
Works on all devices
Handles any file size

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The Game-Changing Tool for Ship Designers

Full control before, during and after the project

We are changing the way we collaborate across multiple teams and stakeholders, with the most powerful 3D visualisation tool on the market. Empowering designers to make more informed decisions.

Novorender has the unique ability to create a Digital Twin – which enables the visualisation of data hidden inside design systems, without the need for any additional software. This results in an efficient design and construction process, enabling ship designers to save time and reduce costs.

Risk reducing and cost efficient

Ship yards, like Rosenberg, are facilitating more efficient collaboration across digital platforms – using Novorender. Making it easier to work from home, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

Novorender also seamlessly integrates with the IFS ERP system, storing relevant documentation and gaining access to commercial and technical information. 

In addition to seamless collaboration, Novorender enables the visualisation and analysis of point cloud data, allowing for more accurate measurements and validation during the design phase – ensuring things are done correctly the first time around. This, in turn, leads to cost savings, reduced risk, reduced waste, and reduced time for ship designers.

What our customers say:

“By acquiring the Novorender-cloud solution any authorized Worley user may use a web browser to access the latest 3D model at any given time”
Rune Trengereid
CIO Rosenberg Worley

Key features

Groups / Filter

An automated method for creating groups based on all the available values for each property.


Browse through changes in your project by using CDE Sync Activity Logs


Measure only outline on the clipping

Controls & Movement

The navigation cube allows for switching to predefined views, such as top, bottom, right, left, front, and back.


By defining a path you can guide the movement of camera along a specific trajectory


Creates a cross section by defining the orientation and position of a section plane.

Limitless possibilities with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms.