Active Directory (AD)

Active Directory (AD)

Streamline your user management and improve your visualization.


Active Directory is a Microsoft technology used to manage users, computers, and other resources on a network. It is a directory service that stores information about objects in a network and makes this information available to users and administrators. Active Directory provides a centralized location for managing user accounts, security, and access to resources, such as files and printers.


The integration between Active Directory and Novorender offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to streamline their user management and improve their visualization capabilities. Active Directory is a popular user management software used by organizations, while Novorender is a cloud-based rendering solution that provides high-quality visualization capabilities for architects, designers, and other building professionals.


Use the same login as you use for Microsoft 365 and others, to log in to Novorender.

The integration allows users to easily manage user accounts and access to Novorender through Active Directory. This provides a single source of truth for user management, ensuring that users have the appropriate access to Novorender and other applications based on their role within the organization.


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