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Ditio is a platform for civil construction. Creating a profitable, climate efficient, and cost-efficient construction site through smart documentation of timesheets, photos, HSE, and world-lead mass haul solutions in real-time.



Gain a comprehensive overview of your project’s entire lifecycle, all within your 3D model. Easily track all related images, comments, issues, and more in one convenient location. All of these are geo-positioned inside your 3D model, giving users a clear and comprehensive view of all documentation in the project during the construction phase. In the maintenance phase, you will automatically get a documentation platform for future use.


What’s new:

With the last update, you’ll gain the ability to track the locations of machines in the field. Together with information about machine type, driver, company’s name, phone number, mass types on the load, speed, time stamp when the machine was online for the last time. The colors of the machine icons indicate: 

pink – has load

grey – inactive and has load

white – has no load

Moreover, individual users will no longer be required to log into Ditio each time they enter the project.

In addition, a new filter option is available based on Post and Alerts.




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