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Drofus is a cloud-based software platform that helps architects, engineers, and other building professionals manage data for building information modeling (BIM) projects. It is designed to enable teams to work collaboratively and efficiently by providing a centralized repository for all project information and data.



The integration of Drofus inside Novorender provides a complete solution for managing data and visualizing BIM projects.

With the integration, users can effortlessly import attribute data from Drofus directly into Novorender for visualization. This allows for easy collaboration and communication between project teams as changes can be seen in real-time. Additionally, users can make changes to their project data within Drofus and see those changes reflected in Novorender, providing an efficient workflow.

By integrating Drofus inside Novorender, project teams can work more efficiently by reducing the time spent switching between different software tools. Users can quickly access all of their project data within the context of their 3D model, increasing their understanding of each aspect of the project and improving collaboration among team members.


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