Gemini Terrain

Gemini Terrain

Visualize project data from Gemini Terrain in Novorender


Gemini Terrain is a software or platform that focuses on terrain modeling and visualization. It is designed to assist in the creation, analysis, and presentation of digital terrain models (DTMs) or 3D representations of land surfaces.

With Gemini Terrain, users can import data from various sources such as satellite imagery, LiDAR scans, or survey measurements to generate accurate and detailed terrain models. The software provides tools and features to manipulate, edit, and refine the terrain data, allowing users to modify elevations, add or remove features, and create smooth or realistic landscapes.



The integration with Gemini Terrain enables the direct export of files from the software to a Novorender project. This integration offers a comprehensive solution for managing construction projects and visualizing them in 3D.



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