Connect IFS and see contextualized data together with the 3D


IFS is a global enterprise software company that provides business software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and field service management (FSM).



The IFS ERP system will store relevant documentation. This can be commercial information such as vendors, purchase orders, or information of a technical nature (e.g. certificates, work permits, maintenance orders). Previously, information that users would benefit from looking at simultaneously, required them to go back and forth between different systems. Typically, this data was also restricted to office personnel, which could be very troublesome.

With the IFS integration to Novorender, the user will have the possibility to see contextualized data. For example, by zooming in at a point of interest and selecting an item, all associated IFS documents and 3D models can be reviewed. The user wil also have the possibility of going from a work order inside IFS, directly to the relevant items in Novorender.



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