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January 5, 2022

Simplifies the use of 3D

The company Novorender in Stavanger has developed a cloud service (SaaS) for 3D that allows users to upload infinite amounts of 3D models and point clouds via their browser according to a press release.

Tore Hovland, CEO & Founder Novorender

“We are very pleased that Novorender is joining as a member. It is obvious that efficient use of 3D data will play a key role in a digitized construction industry, so having them onboard is a great addition to the professional network,” says Alessia Bellini, network and sustainability manager at buildingSMART Norway.


“We work with many actors where BIM is a central part of their daily operations, so a membership is very natural for us. Together with the network, we want to contribute to standardizing the digital development in the construction and engineering industry,” says CEO Tore Hovland at Novorender.

He wants to make it as easy as possible to support paperless projects and interoperability with other systems. Users can utilize the system by uploading the 3D data they already have and connecting it to other systems. This typically includes data from all the applications and systems that are already being used in a project, providing all relevant actors with a real understanding of the project’s status for the information that is of interest to them.

Time and money

“This enables work on reducing errors and changes and ensuring that as many involved parties as possible have the right information at the right time. Skilled workers at the construction site can easily extract measurements, elevation heights, and see detailed 3D models of what is being built on the BIM models. In this way, they can save a lot of time and money, as well as improving communication throughout the project,” says Hovland.

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