Deviations: Request activation

Deviations: Request activation

Deviation is a measure that helps us find the difference between the observed value compared to the theoretical values from a model. We are going to focus on the tunneling example, but the principles are the same for other use cases.

During tunnel excavation, overbreak (excavating beyond the intended tunnel boundary, i.e., the theoretical 3D model) and underbreak (not excavating enough) can occur due to various reasons.

To create a DEVIATIONS PROFILE in Novorender:

Please add the following GROUPS in the PARENT (MAIN) SCENE, which should contain:

  • Group A: Reference files (3D volume, points) – in other words, the theoretical values.
  • Group B: Files representing the objects in reality – as-built.
  • *CENTERLINE: A group that represents only the 3D line of the tunnel (only for tunnels to obtain tunnel projections in addition to deviations).



Theoretical model against Scans of bare rock = MODEL vs SCANS

  • Theoretical model (Group A) – IFC/DWG file.
  • Terrestrial Scans (Group B) – all the files representing bare rock scans which are saved in the MODEL TREE under certain folder.

Please provide us with following information:

  • Link to the parent (main) scene
  • NAME OF THE PROFILE = GROUP A vs GROUP B (Add information about the type of data involved: Point vs mesh/3D solid or Point vs Point)
  • Tunnel projection option: Yes/No
  • *Eventually reference values for color-coding (otherwise we can discuss it afterwards)


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