PROJECTS: Explanation of headers

PROJECTS: Explanation of headers

Name: Name of the file or folder.

Source: Indicates where the data originates, either from the CDE (Common Data Environment) or through manual upload.

Size: Denotes the size of the file or folder.

Updated by: Identifies the individual or entity responsible for the most recent update.

Version: Represents the number of revisions the file has undergone within Novorender.

Last updated: Timestamp indicating the most recent download from the CDE or manual upload.

State: Describes the processing stages the data undergoes within our system after retrieval from the CDE or manual upload.

  1. Converting: Indicates the process of converting geometry and metadata.
  2. Pending: Denotes the process of transferring data from PROJECTS to EXPLORER (scene viewer).
  3. In scene: Signifies that processing is complete, and the data is accessible in the EXPLORER (scene link).
  4. Conversion failed: Suggests the initial attempt to rebuild the resource, and if unsuccessful, prompts users to contact support for further assistance.
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