WMS: Export to GeoTIFF

WMS: Export to GeoTIFF

In this video Tore will explain how to export part of a WMS to GeoTIFF.

We need a total of 2 files to drape Orthophoto on terrain in the GeoTIFF format.

  1. Image / Drone Scan / Satellite: Orthophoto
    .TIF or .TIFF *
  2.  Terrain model: DSM / DTM
    .TIF or .TIFF *


  • All of these should be added in the same folder and zipped.
  • Include “DSM” in the name of the terrain model files – example: “Terrain_projectX_DSM.tif” and “Terrain_projectX_DSM.tfw” *).
  • When uploading, and prompted with “Do you want to split models” remember to select “No split”


* With a correctly created GeoTIFF, you will only have the .TIF file. However, if a .TFW file was automatically generated along with the .TIF file, you should include it in the folder along with all the other files to be zipped. The .TFW file contains spatial information.

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