Gemini: VA (water and sewer) export

Gemini: VA (water and sewer) export

In order to obtain parametric data for water and sewer (VA) from stake-out data:

1. Create an Applag (.gmi).

2. Import SOSI file (or DWG) with stake-out data (points and lines).

3. Change the ‘Presentasjon’ settings of the Applag for 3D objects:

punkt (manhole)
linje (pipes)

4. Use ‘Gemini_VA.aly’ template for both types of data (points, lines).

5. Code your types of pipes (lines) accordingly using S_FCODE: (AF, DR, OV, SP, VL) as shown in the picture above. Additionally, in the ‘Rediger presentasjonsregler,’ choose the correct column name that represents the diameter of the pipe and the reference point (either bottom or top of the pipe, depending on your stake-out data). Manhole modelling is conducted by the same principles – based on the placement of stake-out data.

5. Show the data in 3D and eksport as IFC (2×3)
6.Read into Gemini again to the ‘Modeller’ section and then send the file via integration or upload the file directly to Novorender.

NB! If you export Applag(.gmi) directly via integration, it will ONLY create points and lines in the .xml file, with no geometry (volumes) included.

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