Docs: Supported formats

Docs: Supported formats


Novorender supports an extensive range of formats to cater to all your visualization needs. Our platform is designed to seamlessly handle a diverse array of file types, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your projects.

Do not see your format in any of the lists? Reach out, perhaps we can make support for it!


2D/3D/CAD exports represents points, lines, arcs, shapes, 3D solids define volume, TIN surfaces.

  • DEM
  • DWG
  • DXF
  • GLB
  • GLTF (+BIN)
  • IFC
  • JT (Plugin)
  • KOF
  • LandXML
  • NWD (work in progress)
  • OBJ
  • PDMS
  • RVM
  • RVT (Tentative roadmap)
  • STEP


Point cloud Data is a collection of 3D coordinates that represent the positions of points in space usually generated through techniques like 3D scanners, LiDAR or photogrammetry. Point cloud data is often used to recreate three-dimensional models of real-world objects or environments.

  • PTS
  • E57


360 panorama images – A 360-degree picture captures a full view in all directions, offering an immersive and interactive experience that lets viewers look around as if they’re at the scene’s center.

  • E57
  • JPG


Terrain – In a 3D environment a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is a digital representation of the Earth’s surface that includes elevation data for different points on the terrain.  The terrain can be represented in 2D space by using orthophoto or Web Map Services connected to GIS servers.

  • Orthophoto (Geotiff)
  • WMS
  • WCS



  • PDF
  • Based on demand
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