Skipsteknisk is a Norwegian ship design company founded in 1976 with branch offices in Turkey and China. They design specialized vessels with emphasis on offshore research and fisheries, and they have a documented strong reputation among the leading players in the market. To be able to constantly deliver better services to their customers, Skipsteknisk is always looking at innovations in technology and digitalisation. They have therefore selected Novorender as a dynamic 3D visualisation tools to be used for collaboration internally and externally, as well as possibilities in sales and marketing.

Displaying 3D models of any size on any device

Novorender was considered the perfect fit for the visualisation of their 3D models. A big advantage for them was the fact that they could upload 3D models of any size as well as be able to view them via the browser on any device such as laptop, tablet and phone. When no special purpose software is needed, it will create much better possibilities for collaboration and seamless sharing of their assets.

One single source of truth

By uploading and updating their 3D models in the Novorender solution, Skipsteknisk will be able to deliver a single source of truth for their employees and customers. This will enable them to make sure they always are looking at the latest and greatest and gives remote/home workers/customers full access to updated engineering models.