Tunnel Workers

Novorender is a powerful software solution tailored for tunnel workers, revolutionizing the way you plan, monitor, and optimize your tunneling projects. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Novorender empowers tunneling professionals to achieve greater precision, efficiency, and safety in your operations.
Over 5,000+ engineers & architects trust Novorender for seamless 3D model visualization and collaboration.

Automated Workflow

In Novorender your data is automatically uploaded and lets you visualize such as concrete thickness, geometric control(underbreak / overbreak) and drillplan vs drilllog all in the same view. It can also compare the different kinds of data such as the concrete vs theoretical model, Rock vs theoretical model, and concrete vs rock.

Live inspection

This feature offers a comprehensive inspection overview for each profile, empowering project managers, engineers, and inspectors with the insights needed to make an informed decision directly from the browser on any device.


Novorender is the first cloud-native solution that offers full offline functionality, empowering you to access your models from any location. It is specifically designed to the needs of professionals working on tunnel projects

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Customer Case

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