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Novorender allowing teams to share their advanced 3D-models with employees, customers and business partners, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes.

By using Novorender, different alternatives can be quickly visualized and evaluated, so that errors and deficiencies can be detected early in the project. This can help reduce costs and time for project implementation.

Novorender also provides the ability to collaborate and share project data among team members and stakeholders. This makes it easier to communicate and collaborate on the project, which can help increase efficiency and reduce the risk of misunderstandings or errors.

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Sigve Seglem
CIO Repsol

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Chose your own custom background color in 2D mode.


Combine 2D (such as floor plans and more) together with your 3D data.

Limitless possibilities with integration

Extend the capabilities of Novorender with integrations from your own data platforms.