Welcome Pål-Christian Njølstad 🚀

May 30, 2024

1. Who is Pål and what is his role at Novorender? 

I am Pål and am Novorender’s new Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, I will be concerned with ensuring continued business growth and oversee key functions at Novorender such as marketing, sales, customer success, and international expansion. I have an educational background in computer science from NTNU/Harvard University and economics from NHH/UiO, and my career includes positions as project manager at McKinsey & Company and COO at Spacemaker, which was later acquired by Autodesk Inc. My goal is to leverage all my skills and experiences from consulting and construction software to help take Novorender to the next level. 


2. What factors led to the decision to choose Novorender? 

My decision to join Novorender was driven by three main factors: (1) the company’s distinctive technology, (2) it’s impressive high and self-funded business growth with a large global potential, and (3) a rock-star team. 


3. What do you think is the potential of Novorender’s technology? 

Novorender’s technology has the potential to fundamentally transform how companies interact with their digital assets and accelerate the adoption of model-based workflows in infrastructure projects and beyond. This can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the companies that adopt Novorender’s unique BIM viewer. 


4. What do you see as your/Novorender’s short-term priorities to realize this potential? 

Fully understand the business value of its technology and upgrade its messaging accordingly. Continue adoption, customer success, and upselling at customers. Accelerate internationalization through increased focus and investments. 


5. You have an impressive background from construction software at Spacemaker and Autodesk. What learnings have you made that are relevant for Novorender? 

Three things come to mind: (1) the importance of understanding, documenting, and messaging business value to successfully grow a B2B software business, (2) deliberately focusing on onboarding (first 30 days) and adoption to drive stickiness and retention, and (3) employing product-led growth tactics to drive bottom-up growth in organizations (“virality”). 


6. What are some of Pål’s interests or hobbies outside of work 

Outside work, I am busy looking after my 2-year-old son together with my wonderful wife, Erle. Besides that, I enjoy several outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing, running, and skiing. Just last month, I had the pleasure of doing a little expedition skiing across the Hardanger Plateau (“Hardangervidda”) with a mountain sled and sleeping in a tent. 

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