Admin functionality

Admin settings in Viewer Scene

Change admin settings to select what the user will be able to see and do.

Add files to existing scene

Upload new files and add to an existing scene

Change Position (x,y,z) and rotation

Change position and rotation of model

Change primary menu – 2D button

Select what buttons your users should use in the primary menu. In this case, add the 2D button

Create Bookmark

Create bookmarks to allow the users in Viewer mode to automatically move to predefined areas in the model.

To allow users in Viewer mode to be able to see and use the bookmarks, after they have been created, the bookmark must be saved.

Create Groups

Create groups to allow the users in Viewer mode to automatically select predefined areas, based on searches, in the model.

Create Scene

Create scenes from uploaded files in Resources

Generate Viewer Scene

Share a url for users to view the model in Viewer mode.  An admin can select the properties that should be default for the viewer scene.

Guest login

Guest login to Novorender


Insight into Novorender Swagger

Supported formats

Please check:


  • Enter the “Resources” menu item.
  • Drag and drop the files into the browser window or click the Upload button.

AD: Create Group & User

Create group and user in Active Directory

AD: Add user to group

Add user to group in Active Directory and invite to Novorender